Cricket News Of India Sachin Tendulkar cut his son Arjun’s hair, gave this beautiful look

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Cricket News Of India The greatest batsman of the world, Sachin Tendulkar, has no shortage of innings. Now Sachin is seen in a different role in this lockdown. He cut his own hair last month and has now given a very cool hair cut to his son Arjun. Sachin has posted a video of his son cutting his hair on a social account.

Cricket News Of India Sachin appeared in a new avatar on Tuesday and cut his son Arjun’s big hair and gave him a super cool look. Cricket News Of India  Sachin has shared a video on his Instagram page in which he is seen cutting the hair of son Arjun. The video is made in fast forward and Arjun, who appears in long hair at the beginning of the video, becomes super cool all the way till the end of the video. The world is currently under lockdown due to Corona virus infection. The fourth phase of lockdown is also going on in India. People have been advised not to leave the house. The saloon and parlor are closed and Sachin had earlier shown the way to do this by cutting his own hair and now he has shaved the son’s hair.

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Sharing the video, Sachin wrote, “Being a father, you have to do everything.” Whether playing with children, staying with them in the gym or cutting their hair. Whatever this haircutting is, you will always be a handsome. Thanks to my salon assistant Sarah.

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