Fampay is real Or fake

Fampay is real Or fake :With proof

Generally many people having doubts about new application like online payment and online money earning app safe or not, so I’m going to tell about the fampay is real Or fake many people are having doubts about fampay is safe or not is there any other frauds in this app lot of people having these questions now I’m going to tell about fam pay is real or fake

Fampay is safe or not. 

Fampay is real Or fake :With proof

Fampay is safe because it is neobank for Teenagers number less card in India.
Teenagers can use this number less card fampay using your family joint account only thing is that you have to verify your account with aadhaar card and do mini kyc to your children. It is protected app. there is no any frauds in this app/application.


Security for this app

Fampay is real Or fake :With proof

¶ All your cards issued by IDFC bank and these are operated on rupay Network
¶ Every time money withdraw transaction completely protected devices like fingerprint patterns lock or pin
¶ Block your card or pause at anytime and anywhere and also you can change your pin
¶ family pay is also provided helpline number you can contact them 24,7 you can chat any time
¶ It has the PCI DSS complaints in this payment is full secure according to PCI DSS(payment card industry Data security standard) this app cannot share your personal information to any other third parties
¶ They are backed with NPCI (National payment corporation of India) it operates the payment and settlement system in India. NPCI to create numberless card for  the teenagers and it accept the all payment network and merchant
¶ It doesn’t required a linking bank account. Fampay is providing you a account as well as card also

NOTE :There is no limit balance maintenance as your wish

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