Why did faze clan kicked out of the California

Why did faze clan kicked out of the California

Faze clan a professional gamer specialist and also good entertainer. Now he is leaving his LA Mansion house in California. So many fans are worries about that. He must be establish again many people are having doubts about

“why did faze clan kicked out”

On 3rd march one of his friend Hanridge posted video on clan house going to be kicked out of the California . She was showing their places and explaining what did they do in that places. She shows total houses and the members how they are doing their work. She till crying and showing their house this is the very sad news for all the flaze fans. But she didn’t explain the reason kicked out of the California.


A few days back before the henridge video released clan member and faze clay tweet the some reason to be kicked out saying goodbye. On 7th March faze clan broke up💔 his girlfriend Alexa through an emotional reasonFinally he say that not only me my colleagues are also faci g the problem that’s why we are going to leave the clan house not only this we are leaving the California also. Exactly reason I can’t say but I will be tell you next time.

Who are FaZe clan ? Faze clan was stared with the three members. They are playing maintaining the games. That they started the you tube channel also faze clan one of the member who is maintaining the games and genres . Faze clan is the world best gaming channel.

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