How to activate eip card

How to activate eip card

Have you applied an Economic Impact Payment Visa card. If yes means you will get the Email from the US treasury department. EIP card it will get with in one weak through the gmail. If not applied the EIP visa card means it will not get you. To know the how to activate eip card read full article .

When the treasury letter comes through the gmail they will provide all the instructions. How to active you debit card. Once you follow the instructions your card will be activated. You can do all the transaction through the EIP debit Visa card to your bank account. This is mondatory very helpful if you don’t want to go near the ATM . You have to activate your EIP card.


Still many people cards are not activated I will give brief information about the EIP debit card . Don’t throw your EIP debit Visa card. If it’s doesn’t activated with you follow the simple steps to activate your eip card

Activation of EIP debit card

immediately You can activate your EIP card in two ways.

  1. Activate your card by calling the customer care number 1-800-240-8100 Or visite this site click in this link and activate your cardStep
  2. activation of card you need to give them security number. Once get activated you can doll all the transaction No extra charges
  • fee when your transfer money from card to your personal bankKeep an eye expiry date.
  • it will give three years valid Helpline number EIP Visa debit card Money network 24hours working you can call any time. And also you check your card balance and also you can ask the question if you any doubts related to the money transaction.

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