How to get more money from CICISEO

How to get more money from CICISEO

You can earn more money without doing any extra efforts in CICISEO only thing is that you have to invest money in CICISEO sharing economy if you invest money you will get daily interest money how much amount do you want it’s depends on how your investing money in CICISEO sharing economy . It is having 3 Stages

first stage investment 300 Rupees

In this first stage you can invest 300 Rupees this is the begining stage of the CICISEO sharing economy. In this beggining stage you will get 15rs interest daily, on your 300 investment


New users in CICISEO :

If your a new users in sharing economy in CICISEO you will get 50rs extra bonus In your account . When your registration Is successfully completed you will get get the code if you enter that gift code in the gift option you will get that bonus amount

Second stage investment 3000 Rupees

In this second stage you can just invest 3000 rupees. This is the second stage of CICISEO sharing economy. this second stage gives you daily150rs interest on your 3000 investment.

Third stage investment 15000 Rupees

In this stage just invest 15000 Rupees it is the stating stage of CICISEO sharing economy. In this level you will get daily 750rs interest on your 15000 investment.

Benefits of the CICISEO sharing economy using referrals

If you refferreffered to your friends means CICISEO will provide extra 150rs on each refferred that means if you reffered 10 members means you will get 1500rs on 10 members and also you will get 1000rs extra bonus . Every refferrals you will get a 12%commission.

Withdrawal statement in CICISEO sharing economy

You no need to worry about withdraw money in CICISEO sharing economy because it is providing some limits. If your CICISEO saving having more than 100 rs means you can withdraw your saving amount

Note :don’t trust this sharing economy


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