How to get Spotify premium for free

How to get Spotify premium for free

Spotify Premium For Free permanently

Are you addicted to music ? If yes you must know about the Spotify. This is the best app to listen the music all over the world Spotify has a billions of songs. You can listen your favorite song in Spotify but it gives minimum limited benefit.

If you want unlimited maximum benefit in the Spotify. You need to requires Spotify premium which can be give unlimited songs. I think many people are looking for tricks to get Spotify premium for free to listen the unlimited songs. This is the right place here I will give complete information Spotify premium features for free.


Benefits of the Spotify premium free

  • You can download High quality music
How to get Spotify premium for free
  • Easy to attain the songs with unlimited skips
  • you can download the unlimited songs online. And you can listen offline which downloaded the songs
How to get Spotify premium for free
  • biggest benefit for this Spotify is No ads playing when you get the Spotify premium for free. This is best for us because when your listening songs ads are playing in between the songs lot disturbance. After premium, ads will be not play.

How to get Spotify premium for free

  • Spotify premium for free you can get through the gmail. Or Facebook
  • If you sign up with gmail means you have to fill up the complete details
  • If you sign up the Facebook means no need to fill the details it will gather your Facebook details.

NOTE : Use only one gmail account

Spotify premium is providing in three category they are

  • Individual single person use ( $9.99)
  • Students ($14.99)
  • Family members: in family members use 6 premium accounts ($4.99) I think family premium is the best for you all it less cost.
How to get Spotify premium for free

In family members you can add your friends join 5 to 6 members frinds and get the family premium.

Due to financial problems we cannot get the Spotify premium that’s why many people are waiting how to get premium for free. Follow the below steps to get the premium for free

How to get Spotify premium for free on Android mobile phone.

  • If you installed the spotify app means then uninstall the app
  • Download the apk spotify version
  • install the apk spotify version it will be ask se permission to allow then you click on that to allow
  • Open the spotify apk version
  • Now you can sign up and fill the detailsYou will get the spotify premium free

How to get spotify premium for free using the Apple/IOS

  • Install the spotify ++ using the tweak app
  • Go to home in tweak app tap to select the AV or TA
  • After selecting you will get the spotify premium for free

Another method on iPhone and IOS

  • Install the spotify++ using the cydia impactor In this application also you get the spotify premium for free

How to get premium for free using laptop or computer

  • If you downgrade the spotify old version and you can use the spotify premium mod apk application you will get the application for free
  • If you applied the properly you will get premium for free and it blocks all ads and others.

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