IPL 2020 be in Dubai? BCCI official gave this statement

IPL 2020 be in Dubai

IPL 2020 be in Dubai Atul Vasan, a former Indian cricketer-turned-commentator, claimed a day earlier that some Indian cricketers, including the India National cricket team captain Virat Kohli, had made unnecessary in India at the time of the coronavirus pandemic. In order to avoid discrepancies,

Actually, due to the effect of Corona virus, this year IPL 2020 has been postponed indefinitely. The BCCI is constantly looking for alternatives when it will be organized. At the same time, such media reports are continuously coming from the past that the IPL can be organized in September and November.

IPL 2020 be in Dubai?

According to SportsKeed’s report, this year IPL matches will not be hosted in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi, but still BCCI is trying to organize the event in green zones across the country. However, traveling across the country is something that the board is also taking into consideration and hence, an option like hosting the IPL in Dubai has not been completely ruled out.

According to the news, a BCCI official said that so far no indication has been received from the government regarding the organization of the IPL with the updated health circular. But all efforts are being made to ensure that the IPL can be organized this year. “The IPL is definitely happening this year. The board is in the process of finding the best possible environment for the event,” the official said.

On the other hand, IPL franchises are happy that IPL will happen at least at some point of the year. and it does not matter whether it happens at home or in Dubai. The BCCI official said, “The good news is that the IPL is happening and all the team wants it. We are ready to organize in a safe environment for a certain atmosphere.”

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