https // tv code

https // tv code

Spotify is the biggest music streaming online. And also Spotify providing the Amazing services to the Spotify users. If you want to connect your Spotify app to TV. Pairing device with Spotify app.Here I will give the complete information how to connect pair device using the code Just follow the simple steps. When your connecting device make sure that you need a wifi connection.

When you are connecting pair device using the code make sure that wifi connection should be mandatory. WiFi connection will be having the same which is using or going to register the Spotify. If your using different wifi connection in your mobile and TV this https// tv code will be not work. It’s shows the error occurred.


If your are still using the pair device but sometimes it’s shows the error. Before connecting your device make sure that connecting device should  Smart TV which is having the wifi connection option. In case some smart TV will not have the WiFi connection. All these are basic steps to connect Spotify to TV

Instal Spotify app in your Smart TV using WiFi connection

Switch on your Android Smart TV make sure that the WiFi conneced device. But some Smart TV will not the have the any connecting option. Few of the Smart TV providing the WiFi connection. Follow the steps to get https // tv code

Step 1

  • Go to play store in your Smart TV. If play store not available means go use google

Step 2

  • in search bar explore the Spotify app
  • you will get the Spotify app in your google

Step 3

  • Install  the Spotify app.

Step 4

  • After installed the app . If your news user you need to register the Spotify app using Email id.
  • If your registered  means diretly singn in your Spotify account.

Step 5

  • when your signing your Spotify account make sure that Spotify account which is  using in your mobile same I  your Android Smart TV.
  • If it’s having different means you cannot  the device.

Step 6

  • After signing go to the menu bar  fin d the option.

Step 7

  • Now you choose the connection option you will find the code.

Step 8

  • Next steps will  continued in the mobile process.

install Spotify app In your Android mobile phone

If you already installed the Spotify app in your device. Follow the next steps if not means follow the below steps to get https // tv code

  • Go to play store or ios Android iPhone
  • Explore the Spotify app in play store
  • install the Spotify app in your Android mobile
  • After installed login or sign up
  • Make sure that  using the same e-mail when your signing the Spotify account.

How to connect Spotify to TV using https// TV code | Connect to TV

After completimg the two process installation Spotify app I’m your TV and also in your mobile follow these steps to connect mobile to Spotify

1 After installed the Spotify in your Smart TV  open the Spotify app in your TV

2 And also open the Spotify app in your mobile phone

3 On TV it’s show the pair connect option click on that .

You will observe that code in your TV

4 In your mobile phone open connect option

Click on the connect option you  will get the scanner

5 Scan the bar code on your mobile after scanning the code you will get connected successful

6 Now you can watch online streaming music on your Smart TV

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